Engine Diagnostic and Maintanance


We offer a wide range of services in our workshop ranging from digital software diagnostics using the latest equipment for RX8 engine diagnostics to general repairs and maintenance such as Oil changes, Brake pads, Clutches and full services.

RX8 Engine Diagnostic tool and software

rx8 engine diagnostics

Engine Diagnostics equipment and tools :

Warren court rotaries uses the latest Autel OBD engine diagnostics equipment allowing ourselves to fault find both small and major vehicle faults with ease. Our professional technicians have an array of alternative equipment to also detect any faults not identified with the ECU. Once any fault has been discovered we can then advise of the best solution for a fix to have your vehicle running at top performance once again.

Our Rx8 Engine diagnostics and fault finding starts from £30 for a software diagnostics check. More advance fault finding can be provided on a fault by fault basis and a quote can be provided tailored to you.

Information about some of the most common Rx8 faults can be found from here.