Rx8 Compression Test

Rx8 Compression Test

Compression of any engine type is a core component for an engine to run at maximum performance and reliability. Rx8’s due to their unique rotary engine require even greater compression and often struggle to maintain this when starting from a hot state. We offer a expert Rx8 compression test facility on all Mazda RX8’s models, we will run the test, provide a Graph showing you the results and explain to you how the compression can be improved if required and what the results mean for your car individually.

rx8 compression test

Poor results of a compression test can be due to many reasons however the main cause is the wear and tear of the Apex Seals and Corner Seals.

A Compression test would be the first thing to test when having any engine issues. Here at Warren Court Rotaries we use the latest in digital hardware and software to perform these tests with several hundred tests under our belt.

We recommend a compression test to be undertaken before changing any key engine parts as we often hear over and over again of dealerships changing parts left right and centre that are simply not needed when the key issue is simply due to compression faults costing you lots of unnecessary pounds, off road time and a headache.

Our compression tests are preformed while you wait at our centre and take around 30 minutes to perform at a cost of £40

Rx8 Compression Test Technique

To perform a test we consider a few factors, we ensure the car is at the correct temp for testing as a cold or hot start can give incorrect and false readings, we need to ensure your Starter Motor is running correctly and at the correct speed and that the battery is at full or optimal charge.

Once all the above steps are taken our diagnostics equipment is connected to the rotors. We then crank the engine (Attempt to start the engine) for long enough to produce a reading / enough spikes within our software. We then do the same on the other rotary. Providing your reading are around 7 / 8 Bar of pressure your engine is within the good parameter range. Should your reading show lower we can as mentioned above diagnose possible solutions or imply give advice on what’s steps to take to better the compression.

6 to 8+ Bar – Good “Normal” compression

0 to 5.7 – Low Compression (Rebuild Required)