WCR is pleased to announce the latest and most awaited news, Yes on the demand of a lot of our valued customers and friends throughout the United Kingdom, we have arranged the special Pickup and Delivery Truck for Mazda Rx8 cars, which are either unable to be driven to our workshop or whose Owners, which are our most valuable customers or prospective customers, are not willing to drive them in such a bad condition, which will make there vehicle condition worsen. We are also excited to show you our latest Mazda Rx8 Pickup and Delivery service fleet vehicle with full livery courtesy of RTS Vehicle Graphics.

For all RX8 Engine rebuilds purchase, we now offer an Rx8 collection and drop off service in which we will collect your vehicle, complete the engine rebuild package chosen and return it to you in a fully finished and in a like new condition. Don’t forget to check out the Rx8 Engine Rebuild packages, Although according to your rotary engine’s current condition we might suggest you the best one.

The regions where we provide Rx8 Pickup and delivery service:

Broadly speaking, we are providing this collection and drop off service throughout the United Kingdom, but as we are located in Halstead, Kent, it is deemed necessary to advise that we mainly deal with mainland UK and mostly cover London, Surrey, Essex, Midlands, Wales, Scotland and South east and South west of England.

What will be the Price of Rx8 Engine Rebuild Pickup Service?

As much as we would love to give a set price due to the nature that we collect cars from all over the land we cannot have a set price for our collection / drop service. Prices will be charged based mainly on the mileage / time required in order to get the job done. In order to get a quote simply call us or drop us a message through our contact us page or you may drop a message through the WCR Facebook Profile and we shortly provide you the best possible quote.

Why Choose Us?

Why would you prefer to purchase our Rx8 Engine Rebuild with our Pickup and drop off service, when you might see some nearby garage to get your Rx 8 Rotary engine Rebuild, Simply because We might be the only dedicated Mazda Rx8 specialist in the UK and we offer state of the art engine rebuild services with genuine Mazda Rx 8 parts at most competitive prices across the United Kingdom, Also all our Rx 8 Engine rebuild packages are accompanied with a 2 yr guarantee. Which signifies that once you have got your Rx 8 engine rebuild, you are at ease for 2 years with a full piece of mind warranty.

So, We hope that all those people who were waiting for our Mazda Rx8 Engine Rebuild Pickup and delivery Service to get their beloved car back in tip top condition will now be delighted and utilize our service for their benefit.