Mazda Rx8 Free Compression Test and health check up facility:

We at Warren Court Rotaries are pleased to announce that we are offering a free RX8 compression test & health checks to all our valued new and existing customers for a limited time period. In continuity and to celebrate the success of our recent engine rebuild program, we would like to offer the opportunity for our customers to analyse the current health and compression level of their Mazda Rx8 car and to see the benefits of a perfectly running engine and that the only real way to test this is to compression test your Rx8.

How you will be benefited with this Free Compression Test offer:

Bringing in your Mazda rx8 to avail this Free Compression test is beneficial for your pocket as well as for your car. wouldnt you like to save the usual price of Compression Testing which is £40, especially when you know that our compression tests will give you a complete insight of the compression being supplied by both your rotors and tips thus giving you a great understanding of what is going on under the bonnet. We will then explain to you your readings compared to the reading of a good / correctly running engine.

Our free health check gives you the opportunity to have one of our RX8 Specialists look over your vehicle checking that everything is in good working order and to the best of its running condition.

As you can imagine a badly running engine can lead to further issues later down the line let alone poor fuel economy and complete engine failures.

Book in Your free Rx8 Compression test and Health check up, Before it’s too late:

Should you wish to book your RX8 in for its free compression test & health check simply give us a call on 07441 907533 asking for Steve and we can advise you on our next available slot and book you in. You can also book it via our Contact Us page or alternatively contact us on our FB Page

Optional compression certificates can be purchased which will give you a printed verification of your compression and its performance. This can be extremely valuable if you are considering selling your vehicle in the near future as it gives the buyer confidence that your engine is in good working order.