Air con services

Air Condition Re-Gas and Troubleshooting

Most modern cars have air conditioning and we use it all year around be it to stay cool on those hot summer days or demist our windscreen on those cold winter mornings. What post people don’t realise is that over time your air conditioning becomes weaker and just like your engine requires a service or re-gas due to the dissipating gas within the system. It is recommended that your air-condition is re charged every 2 years. Warren Court rotaries offers a top up why you wait service enable a quick cure to your vehicle A/C issues.

If you A/C has failed, we also have all the expert knowledge and tools for a repair to a simple leak to a complete failure.


How do we check and service you air con?

Our state of the art automated machine analyses, cleans and recharges your system in a flash enabling you to feel the benefits of a recharges system in no time. Our system simply takes out the gas from within your vehicle, cleans the remaining gas from your car to then re inject this back into the vehicle along with a top up of gas that has been lost over time to its correct amount.

As part of our standard re-gas we also check your vehicle for any leaks or faults in order to enable the recharge to have its most beneficial effects


We also recommend that your pollen filter is changed with each re-gas / 2 years which is normally part of its annual service to enable maximum airflow to the system as dirt and pollution can prevent this and also cause bas smell.

Smelly car?


WCR offers an air-conditioning sanitiser for £10, This sanitiser kills the bacteria that has built up causing bad smell and poor circulation. As mentioned above it is also recommend to change your pollen filter periodically also to prevent A/S odours.