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Our garage offers a wide range of services such as Compression testing, Servicing, Diagnostics and maintenance, Engine Rebuilding and Upgrades / Parts.

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Mazda RX8 Specialist in UK

Warren Court Rotaries is a dedicated Mazda RX8 Specialist company based in Rochester, Kent. We have vast experience of over 15 years in the field of the Motor Trade and repair Industry. We have gained great experience with our enthusiasm and patience and our love to the legendary Sports Car that is the Mazda RX8, and this love helped us to become the expert rotary specialist. We know that people who buy RX8 love the car for both its speed and driving experience, be this a standard RX8 or a powerful Street Port Version.

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We have dedicated ourselves and our business to the Mazda RX8 . We offer an extensive range of Rx8 specialist services to diagnose the most common and other rarely found problems of Mazda RX8 cars. Our Expertise includes, but not limited to, the following services:

Compression Testing:

Compression is the core element in the performance of any engine type. Rx8s due to their unique rotary engine requires greater compression and needs to be compression tested at regular intervals. We have the latest compression test equipment and provide compression testing for all models of Mazda RX8s. Being Rx8 specialist, we don’t only do compression testing with a simple pass or fail answer, but we will provide you with a graphical report and explain to your results and any recommendations for greater compression if needed.

Engine Diagnostic and Repairs:

It is very important for any vehicle to keep it maintained, especially if we want it to be running with peak performance. At Warren Court Rotaries we use the latest Autel OBD diagnostic equipment, to ensure that all faults be it small or major are found. In addition to this our professional and competent staff have various alternative equipments as well as digital diagnostic software to keep your car maintained fault free and performing at peak levels

Engine Rebuilds:

In addition to engine diagnostics and repairs we also provide the facility of Mazda Rx8 engine rebuilds. As wear and tear and depreciation are a natural element in everything which has a physical appearance. Likewise, your favorite car’s engine will definitely need to be rebuilt after a certain period of time. To cater this need, we keep a stock of genuine Mazda Parts. Incorporating the genuine parts we offer three packages for RX8 engine rebuilding along with great aftercare and a high class warranty.

Servicing and Health check:

As stated earlier, that these high performance beauties need regular services and health checks, which depends upon your car usage. Either you use it for small journeys or long distance travelling. Preferably at least a yearly service and health check is recommended so that you can enjoy the pleasure of driving the Mazda RX8 with peace of mind. For more information, please check RX8 servicing Packages.

Parts and Upgrades:

Being Mazda RX8 specialist, we know exactly what parts and upgrade items are required to improve the performance and power of the extremely performing Mazda Sport Car. Some of the parts and upgrades available are: D585 Coils Pack with lifetime warranty, Mazda Genuine Coil Pack, Upgraded 2KW starter motor and RX8 Racing Beat REV8 Exhaust system.

Used Mazda RX8 Buy and Sell facility:

“Only a Jeweler can understand the value of a Gem”

Likewise, only an Rx8 specialist can understand the true value of a well maintained Mazda RX8 car. We at Warren Court Rotaries are always ready to buy Mazda Rx8 cars with great enthusiasm and we pay the most reasonable price for your beloved. Accordingly, if you are planning to buy an RX8 then your search for the right one will soon be over when you will visit us, as we offer an excellent range of Mazda Rx8 cars available for Sale. We also offer great finance if required with many options available. We stock the entire range from the 231, 192, Evolve, Kuro and the Special 40th Aniversary editions.

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